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EMC Management Concepts [E(MC)2] specializes in Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) and Spectrum Supportability (SS) program/project management, technical support, and training services for the Department of Defense (DoD).  We are experienced in the development and implementation of E3 and SS policies, plans, and programs at the executive and working levels. We develop and implement DoD E3 and Spectrum Management related educational efforts and resolving electromagnetic Interference (EMI) problems in military systems. Our overall expertise and spectrum engineering experience includes:

  • DoD Spectrum Policy, Engineering and related support services
  • Spectrum Management Program management services to DoD and military departments
  • Military Department Operational Spectrum Management
  • Acquisition E3 Engineering/IPT Support
  • E3 T&E Engineering/Management Services
  • Applicable EM Modeling and Simulation (M&S) services
  • E3 and SM Training Curriculum for acquisition and/or operational personnel; development and delivery
  • EMI/EMC testing and equipment data collection
  • EMI problem investigation and resolution
  • Equipment information system/database development and population
  • Development and maintenance of related data and information systems for clients

�Spectrum Supportability Risk Assessment White Paper�

�COTS E3 Risk Assessment�